AIM Educational Services provides undergraduate placement services and standardized test prep to college-bound teens in the US, Canada and the Caribbean. Founded by Nicole McLaren Campbell in 2010, AIM has helped thousands of students amass over $100 million USD in scholarships and admission to universities across the globe.

In 2020, we created the AIM Online Academy as we moved all services 100% online.

As a graduate of Princeton University, and a college admissions expert with over 10 years of experience, Nicole leads an expert team which includes graduates of Ivy League colleges and professionals who inspire students to unleash their full potential inside and outside the classroom. Our results speak for themselves— over the past 10 years over 100% of AIMers were admitted to University with over 90% of getting into 1 or more of their top 3 college choices.

Students enrolled in the AIM Educational Services SAT Prep Program achieve an average increase in test scores by over 300 points, and 98 – 100% of AIM graduates have received sufficient financial aid and scholarship support to matriculate to universities of their choice.


We help students from all over the world connect with top colleges in the United States, Canada, UK and Europe!

University of Oxford


Howard University

Harvard University

Stanford University

Brown University

Dartmouth University

University Of Miami

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