11 – 14 YR OLDS: JULY 10th – JULY 28th

Young people need skills for jobs of the future, not the past.

The opportunities of the future belong to those who are able to think critically and make connections across disciplines. Through project-based learning in Mathematics, Physics, English/Social Science, and Computer Programming, INNOVATE SummerExplo offers students the opportunity to develop those essential skills. 


It’s the beginning of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
No matter where their interests lie, students will need to develop strong critical thinking and analytical skills now to succeed in the future.


Take control of your future.

INNOVATE SummerExplo students will complete a class project in each discipline and one project connecting the different areas of study to one focal point. Students will exercise their creativity,  develop their critical thinking skills and learn how to effectively communicate their ideas.

Experience learning in a whole new way.

INNOVATE SummerExplo will provide an engaging and challenging environment that will encourage a love for learning, for the sake of learning – without homework or assignments.

Learn new analytical techniques and approaches.

INNOVATE SummerExplo students will analyze concepts across disciplines – for example, students read about dimensions in the text A Wrinkle In Time, build 3-dimensional holograms in Physics, transform a 2-dimensional figure into a 3-dimensional structure using Geometry, and program a dimensions-based computer animation relying on information learned in English, Math and Physics.

Smile. It’s time to get started!