16 Jul Supplemental Essay Prompts

Our students – attending a wide range of their top choice colleges – write their college essays on topics including bullets, bees and honey, Pokemon, cheese, planting trees, Game of Thrones, sustainable farming, long-distance running, paranoia, pizza, scuba diving… and the list goes on!

They come in – some unsure, some afraid, some convinced they have nothing to say, some wanting to say all the WRONG things, some not realizing how special some random thing is about them and what a great essay it could make- and we spend the time  to help students ask themselves hard questions, to first understand more of who they are THEN think of how aspects of their lives and experience best fit which essay promotion.
We love the process of helping students learn more about themselves – and communicate that in a compelling way in their writing.
… and the essay questions get more and more interesting!
Every single year U Chicago wins the prize for the MOST unique essay question – kids read this and decide if they even want to apply – and here it is:

 “Cats have nine lives, Pac-Man has 3 lives, and radioactive isotopes have half-lives. How many lives does something else—conceptual or actual—have, and why?”


We talked about this in the office and had some fun answers! I can’t wait to see what our kids write!

And we all know (especially students who DO NOT LIKE STRESS and parents who don’t like to deal w/ stressed out teens!) that the summer is the BEST TIME to write college essays! This is why we have our College App Class – launched this summer – and AIM easy consultants working round the clock with our students.


2019-2020 Coalition App (is now online)

2019-2020 Universal College App (often called the UCA, is now online)

2019-2020 Common App (will launch 8/1/19, but the online platform is undergoing appearance changes in July)


Although the 2019-2020 Common App does not go live until August 1st   you can still write the COMMON APP ESSAY and Supplements for the above schools – so let’s get going! Pac-Man awaits!

Let us help you! Book an appointment with one of our Essay experts to GET AHEAD this summer!