07 Feb Spring (Easter) Break: The College Visit Edition

Before you get to college and live out your dream Spring Break in Miami or Mexico, you have to use that down time to actually get to college! Spring Break (or Easter Break) is a great time to travel and visit colleges on your radar. Whether you’re at the beginning of your college hunt and doing preliminary visits to see what college is all about, or you’re close to the end of the road and want to visit those colleges that you’ve already been accepted to in order to make a final decision, it is critical to plan your visit ahead of time. These trips are more than just fun filled and sight seeing – they are meant for students to really get a grasp on what their college life could look like. So plan ahead of time to ensure that you fulfill all your objectives during Spring Break: The College Visit Edition. 

Here are a few questions to consider while planning your trip:

What Are My Objectives For This Visit?

Write down clear objectives for your visit. Answer the questions of why am I visiting schools and what will I gain out of these visits? Jot down some questions that you would ask tour guides so that you (and the person funding your trip) have a clear understanding of what your mission is on these college visits. 

If money is a consideration, revisit these objectives and questions. Do some research for and see if these can be met and answered through exploring college websites, participating in online forums, watching YouTube channels, reaching out to admissions reps via email, visiting college fairs in your community and taking virtual college tours.

Which Colleges Do I Want To Visit?

Think about how you will spend the time you have on your trip. It might not be possible to visit every college on your list because of scheduling issues or geographical considerations. It is important to decide how you will prioritize where you want to visit before venturing out. Pinpoint the location of each school on a map and create a clear transportation plan for the school visits that are possible. Then reach out to each school that you plan to visit and inquire tour days and times so that you can create a proper itinerary for your trip.  

What Do I Want To Learn From Each School?

Revisit those questions from point one and decide if they are still relevant to you now that you’ve begun planning your trip. Make them as specific as possible to each school, so that you don’t forget to ask anything that’s important to you.

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