10 Mar My SAT/ACT Results Are Here – What Now?

Congrats on completing the SAT or ACT! You’ve just completed a huge part of the journey to going to college abroad. You should be proud of this step that you’ve made, and we hope that you earned that score you needed to put you one step above the rest.

Now that you have that score, you might be asking, “What’s next?” Well, you have a few options. 

1. If this was your second or third time taking the SAT or ACT and you’re happy with your score… that’s great! But the standardized testing storm is not completely over yet. Consider switching gears to prepping for SAT Subject Tests – these always look super impressive to college admissions. We recommend you take at least 2 Subject Tests in areas that you are currently studying in school in May or June (you’ll already be studying for end of year exams, so you won’t have much additional studying to do for the SAT Subject Test). Check out the list of SAT Subject Tests here

2. If this was your first time taking the SAT or ACT and you’re happy with your score, also consider switching gears to prep for SAT Subject Tests in May or June 2020 (see above). But given the existence of super-scoring, consider taking the SAT or ACT again at the next sitting! It never hurts to try and get a higher score to maximize your chances of getting in and getting those scholarships.

3. If this was your first time taking the SAT or ACT and you’re underwhelmed by your score…that’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up too much – we are here to help! The beauty of these standardized tests is that you are allowed to take either more than once and most colleges will super-score or ask for your best overall grade. If you planned your college application journey out correctly, you should have a number of date options to sit the SAT or ACT again so it’s not over for you yet.

Whatever the outcome of your SAT or ACT sitting, AIM is here to support you in every way. Whether it’s moving on to college list building and applications, prepping for Subject Tests, tutoring and mock exams to prepare for taking the test again, or even Bias Testing to figure out which exam (SAT or ACT) would be better for you! Call us now at (876) 630-1056 or email us at admin@aimeduservices.com to get one step closer to the college of your dreams.