10 Oct How Much Need-Based Aid Might You Qualify For?

Financial Aid – one of the MOST important aspects of this entire process! When I was applying to college my dad told me plain and straight, apply to schools you can get a full scholarship to. So… I was guided accordingly, I looked first for money and second for preferences like city, and type of campus etc., because at the end of the day I knew if I didn’t get a full scholarship I wouldn’t be going anywhere.

Here’s a quick reference table published by FORBES magazine – all other things being equal, refer to the AGI (annual gross income) of family, and the number of dependent children, to figure out what colleges may determine you can afford to pay. Please be guided that this is a federal table, and institutional methodology is more aggressive so expect an additional $10-$15,000 from the Institutional Methodology (IM). If you won’t qualify for need-based aid, it may be time to look at merit-based aid possibilities. To discuss more set up an Initial Consultation with us at www.aimeduservices.com/scheduling!