07 Jul EARLY REVEAL: 2020-2021 Supplemental Essay Prompts

As Summer 2020 rolls right in, so does the start of a new college application season! Colleges know that the application process can be lengthy and overwhelming – especially this year with so many changes to the college landscape on a whole. To help combat that daunting feeling of stress, many colleges have started to release their supplemental essay prompts well in advance of the application deadline so that students can get a head start.

Just as a refresher, Supplemental Essays are those that complement the longer Main Essay/Common App Essay/Personal Statement. They are specific to the schools that you are applying to and are there to provide you with opportunities to share additional information about you. Whether it’s your leadership, passions, community engagement and intellectual interest.

One of the most common Supplemental Essay Prompts that we have seen a rise in year after year is the “Why Essay”. More and more schools want an inside scoop as to why you’re interested in their particular institution – they want to see that you’ve done some research and are able to make a case about why you’d be a good fit on campus. Essay writing for college applications is just like any other academic essay – you have to do some research first (both on the school and on yourself) before you get to writing!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the writing ahead, you are not alone and we are here to help. AIM believes in utilizing your Summer vacation to crank those essays out before the pressures of school resume in September. And lucky you, we have an incredible team of Essay Editors ready to help you every step of the way!


With the opening of the new college application season comes signing up for the various application platforms. The application platform you will use greatly depends on the school you are applying to, so be aware of the platforms used by each school on your list!


Please be aware that many schools in Canada & Europe use their own application platforms. Additionally, some US schools will use their own application platforms (like Georgetown University & The University of California).



We will continue to update this list as more schools release their Supplemental Essay Prompts. Reach out to us on Instagram @aimonlineacademy if we’ve missed any that you’ve found!