24 Oct Why the Liberal Arts?

What is a Liberal Arts Education? 
What’s the Hallmark of A Liberal Arts Education?
Rigorous expectations of learning with the development of critical thinking and creativity – essential for success in the 21st Century.
But I want to study Sciences…
You don’t have to make a choice between the sciences and the rest of the liberal arts. Indeed, the sciences are a vital part of the liberal arts! Some liberal arts colleges have the best science and research programs in the US!
Soo why Liberal Arts?
Because it makes no sense to train people as narrowly as possible in a world going through cataclysmic changes, for you are building specific strengths that leave you merely muscle-bound, not stronger and more flexible.
A Liberal Arts education generates further curiosity, new needs, experiences to meet those needs, more curiosity and so on.
An education isn’t just an object that you use to get started in a career; education is a catalytic resource that continues to energize and shape your life. This is the focus of the Liberal Arts.
A liberal arts education enhances your ability to develop new skills and capacities for connectivity that allow you to solve problems and seize opportunities.