13 Mar The Worst College Admissions Scandal, the Craziest Details involving up to $6.5million US indicates the HIGH STAKES of Admission

I have been shaking my head ALL day – but not in shock – because I know that college admissions is VERY high stakes, and my legitimate colleague consultants in the US earn up to $30,000 per College Advising student to prep on writing essays, the right college list and extra curricular and academic strategy – the same prep we provide to students that has 93% of our kids getting in to 1 or more of their top choice colleges!

College Admissions is truly HIGH STAKES, it’s cut-throat, it’s competitive, it does favor those who can access prep … but this is just taking it TOO FAR!!!!!!!

No, I shook my head because I can’t believe that parents would do this – what ever happened to teaching our kids to WORK for what they want and if they don’t get plan A, do plan B and put in the work to make plan B even better than A ever was!! I AM SHOOKETH AT THESE DETAILS!

While I sit here appalled, I just heard from Jon’s mom in the Bahamas, he was admitted to Cornell University, and Sage’s mom that she was admitted to Amherst – they worked hard, owned their mistakes, did the work and their parents invested in solid, ethical college prep with us. Nicholas’ mom shared that his increase in the Math and Verbal SATs, earned from HARD WORK in our prep class with tutors who know the strategies, gave him the edge he needed to get a scholarship of over $200k. SAT prep tutors in the US with those results charge up to $1000 per hour! Many parents in the US would LOVE to come to Jamaica to get the results we have at such an incredible return on investment … but I digress, back to the fact that one parent paid over $6million US dollar to guarantee his child’s college admission… that’s almost a BILLION JAMAICAN DOLLARS!

The mentioned schools are: Yale, Georgetown, Stanford, and the University of Southern California!

Now for the details, from the Cut:

> Nearly 50 people have been charged with taking part in a nationwide college admissions cheating plot, including, uh … actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin – the FBI says this is the largest college admissions scandal they have EVER prosecuted. Those arrested include:

two entrance exam administrators, one exam proctor, nine coaches at top schools, one college administrator, and 33 parents!


> Lori Loughlin, of Full House fame, paid for her daughter to appear as a athletic recruit (in cahoots with athletic coach at USC), and then she decided to V-log instead of going to class!! I am serious …. see article here. In total her husband and her spent $500,000 US dollars to have their daughters appear as USC crew recruits. I JUST CANNOT. What we do at AIM is prep you for the SAT, help you create a winning extra curricular strategy where you actually learn and grow and DO THE ACTIVITIES AND THE WORK…

> Felicity Huffman paid for her eldest daughter, but not the younger one… womp womp

> WHERE DID THE MONEY GO? So parents would pay a predetermined amount of money that would go to either bribing SAT or ACT administrators into letting them alter students’ test scores (in some cases by having someone pose as the student and take the test, in other cases by correcting the students’ answers after they finish) or, it would go to bribing college athletic coaches, who would allegedly create a fake profile of the student as an athlete, regardless of their athletic ability – this madness included photoshopping kids faces onto real athletes bodies!! Even buying equipment from Amazon for fake photo shoots. 
I just CANNOT!!!!!!!!!!!

> In order for a bribed proctor to match her son’s handwriting on his exam, marketing CEO Jane Buckingham allegedly provided a sample of her son’s writing, with the disclaimer, “He has not great writing.” 

DEAR God I can’t bear it. I simply can’t. What kind of lesson is this for your son, in life in general? This madness.Meanwhile AIM’s College App Prep Class, for $1550 USD starts on Saturday, and you get all kinds of payment plans and options… and. all students do their own work!!

It’s appalling. It’s horrifying.

The lesson?


2. Getting in to that ONE college of your dreams is not a guarantee of a great life and not getting in is not an indication of your future prospects in life either. Do your BEST put in the work and make the best of wherever you go – bloom where you are planted and ALWAYS get there ETHICALLY! Your integrity is all you have!!!!! 

3. It is competitive – so start working early, strategically and hard, the honest way. 

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