26 Feb AIM Alumni: Where are they now?



Getting into college is one thing, but succeeding while there is quite another! Despite the challenges that the college experience so often presents, AIMers have managed to make a huge impact on their communities.

Five years ago, these AIMers were highlighted in the Gleaner just before their entry into university, each stating their intention to forsake brain drain, and bring their much needed expertise back to Jamaica (check out the original article here). Today we’d like to celebrate these AIM alumni and update you on what they’re up to now!

An MIT graduate with a BSc in Chemical Engineering, Yannick is now pursuing a PhD in Chemical Engineering at Princeton University where his research focuses on Perovskite Solar Cells– a cheaper and potentially more efficient alternative to Silicon Solar Cells. With further development, these cells could make electricity more accessible, especially in countries like Jamaica. With his research and experience, Yannick hopes to return home to Jamaica after completing his studies to play his part in advancing our country.

Graduate of the University of Chicago with a BA in Biology, Krystin is currently conducting research at the University of Texas studying impulsivity, particularly as it relates to mental health and developmental conditions. Through her experiences volunteering at a home for teen mothers in Jamaica and an occupational therapy lab in the United States, Krystin developed a fascination for studying human behavior.

As a part of her research team at the University of Texas, Krystin investigates the molecular, genetic and pharmacological bases of the impulsivity she saw in the young women at the home in Jamaica and in the children in the clinic. Currently, Krystin is planning on pursuing a Master’s degree in Global/Public Health.
After graduating from Princeton University with a BSE in Civil & Environmental Engineering, Marissa has gone on to pursue a Master’s degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. Marissa’s research interests include climate change mitigation/adaptation as well as alternative/renewable energy– both topics of importance to Jamaica and the Caribbean now more than ever. In the future, Marissa is contemplating going into academia/research and hopes to more directly help Jamaica using what she’s learned during her studies abroad.
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