05 Sep Are you taking the RIGHT CSEC / CAPE / IB Subjects?

It’s back to school time! So no better time than now to make sure you’re on track for college application success!

One of the number one challenges Caribbean students face is misalignment of their own subject choices with US university expectations and preferences. US colleges expect incoming students to be prepared with English, Math, Social Science, Natural Science, and Foriegn Language. Unlike the US system, the Caribbean education system allows students to choose subjects in 3rd form and the US college prep core is not mandatory. I’ve met students, with dreams of studying in the US and receiving a scholarship to do so, who have only done 2 of the 5 core (English and Math) and have stacked themselves with up to 6 electives including business, accounts, IT, EDPM etc. etc. US colleges don’t expect you to come to them knowing business or computer science or sociology (and there is no undergrad Law in the US) if you want to major in any of those areas. Nothing is wrong with a few electives, but not at the expense of core subjects if you’re trying to create a competitive application for US universities. 

For CAPE and IB the advice still stands – try to stick to the core as much as possible!

One bonus of this is that many colleges provide credit for students who do well in the CAPE and IB exams, which can shave up to a year and a half off the time it takes to complete the 4 year degree. 

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